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All About the New 3D Mahjong Game

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If you enjoy solitaire but also love to share the excitement of a game with friends or family, then you’ll love playing online mahjong. If you have been a fan of the classic version, you know that it is possible to enter into a game with millions of other players that can make it challenging to win. But online mahjong is much more than a challenge. You can easily enjoy hours of entertainment browsing through a large array of cards, matching the right pairs onto the right tiles, and creating routes that will take you from start to finish. This strategy element is what makes online mahjong so enjoyable.

If you have played traditional mahjong games where you would place stacks of numbered tiles into a bag, then you will be very familiar with the game play. Traditional mahjongs involve flips of a single tile to make a matching pair on the matching tile, which can be very time consuming. The new version of 3d mahjong allows you to use an innovative new way to arrange the tiles in your bags so that you will lay down a stack of tiles in various ways and then arrange them the way you want, making yourself the kind of player who gets to see his moves come to life.

Online mahjongs usually allow players to earn time bonus tiles, which means that they get additional mahjong points for making their initial moves before the time bonus tiles run out. That means that even if you only get one chance to solve the mahjong puzzle, you still earn some mahjong points for that. That’s why these time bonus tiles are so important–they are a way for players to get a leg up on the competition, helping them get ahead in the amount of time it takes to solve the puzzle. There are a number of other reasons why playing online in the comfort of your own home is a good idea, too, such as the ability to challenge your friends or colleagues.